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Sewing itch (similar to writers block)

Possibly not the place to be moaning about this, I should probably post it to my own journal, but I'm more likely to get sympathy and possibly a kick up the backside from your good selves. Please delete if inappropriate.

I'm having a sewing itch, I need to be creative, but I'm having absolutely NO inspiration. I don't know what to do about it. Normally if I start sewing something when I feel like this I stop half way through and it NEVER gets completed, so I need something that grabs me round the throat and demands my unadulterated concentration.

I've been having thoughts about either doing a waspie for some time, and I've been floored by this (but then who wouldn't), however I'm not sure I want something as outer-wear, and it would be a shame to cover something like that up. Not that I'm saying I could make something as amazing as that, but I can pretend ;o)

So what am I hoping to get from this post? Well a kick up the backside as I mentioned would be nice, possibly some ideas if anyone has something in their head that they're not going to make themselves, areas of fashion that inspire people, or just tea and sympathy if nothing else.

P.s. I have a couple of books on order that I'm hoping will inspire me.
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This sounds like a really good point to scare up a commission from a friend - having to meet a deadline does wonders for me when I am in lazy mode...
Heh heh heh heh heh...

if I was any good at making things for other people i'd be doing it a lot... sadly I'm dreadful at it! I've had one commision on the go for about 14 months now *blush* She's not pushing me for it which doesn't help - and I really can't do any more work until we've had a fitting... so I'm not blaming myself on this one ;o)
1) Put on some music
2) Look through some magazines/ books you already own
3) Watch a movie with costumes in it, even if the costumes are awful
4) Start an 'inspiration' book, with pictures of corsets etc
5) Make something else. A bag, a skirt, anything.
6) Go through any stash of fabric/ trims you have. Lay out colours you would never put together on top of one another.
7)Promise yourself a treat when you are finished

I found a visit to a local art gallery recently quite inspiring. They didn't have much by way of costume portraits, but looking at shapes, colours, design details etc gave me a lot of inspiration :)

If all else fails, put 'corset' into the image search on Google, or ebay. It might only give you a good laugh, but even that helps sometimes :)
Your list is great, and I'd be rushing off to do them if I didn't already have a similar list I follow... I think I'm just stuck in a rut.

An art gallery's a good idea though - might find a stately home or something to visit - they always have great pictures, plus furniture... fashion and furniture are so closely related...

As for corset in google images - I avoid doing that normally, the last time I did I saw these corset piercings... made me go all funny inside! I'm not opposed to piercings, but - eek!
I'g glad I'm not the only one who gets this! I have so many projects that I sort of half started when I realy NEEDED to sew something but didnt know what, I tend to go for something quick and easy with a non expensive fabric, a quick skirt I've been putting off for ages or something like that!
I've got a load of alterations to do on highstreet bought skirts, and oddly I'm not feeling inspired to do this...

I spent a fair bit of time coming up with a design for a waspie belt/corset yesterday, so that's most likely to be the thing I get making... Having said that I'm tempted by a ribbon corset... ooooh! I don't know!

I did see a girl wearing a really lovelly shirt yesterday - the fabric it was made from what horrible, but the style was devine...

ARG! I don't know!
I get like that a lot, its all to do with the voices, each potential project has a 'voice' that is shouthing in my head, and what I need is for one of them to shout much louder than the others then that project gets done, if they are all shouting at the same volume I get confused....
Yep! :o(

It gets easy in the run up to Whitby - there's just one voice going: "You must get it all ready in time!" so that's nice and simple... but other than that... yeesh!

I'm deffinately getting a feeling for a waist cincher though... the projects building itself in my head... I may have to go shopping at the weekend for fabric... I'm thinking green... or I could just use the silk scraps in my stash... or I do have that 2m of silk blackwatch tartan... MEEP! Now I want to make something with that... BAH! It's all too much!
I'm trying to be good at the moment, I'm not allowed to buy any more fabric and I have to finish some of the stuff I have promised other people, but I keep getting distracted....
heh heh heh heh heh heh...

I know that feeling... I've had that problem with yarn for a while, so much prettiness!

I confess I'm half tempted to start my spa outfit for Whiby October already - but what if I change my mind in the mean time?

Have you made anything special for April?
I've made a couple of bits, but nothing realy special or new, at least not for me, I've made a couple of bits for toripink and am half way through an outfit for orkamedies. If I get time I also have stuff to do for esdi_leanne and Rosie Lugosi. I would like to do something new for me, but I think I'm going to run out of time!
Too many commissions! Crikey! Well you'd better post pics! I'm really annoyed we're missing it... and as things are going at the moment Liepzig's not looking good either :o(
Pooey :-(
I hope you manage to sort out leipzig.
I allways have too many things to make, but at least it gives me a bit of a choice as to what I sew at any one time, I have three corsets that are nearly done, just wanted to do fittings on them before I finished them off, I should get all of them done this week I hope!