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Sewing itch (similar to writers block)

Possibly not the place to be moaning about this, I should probably post it to my own journal, but I'm more likely to get sympathy and possibly a kick up the backside from your good selves. Please delete if inappropriate.

I'm having a sewing itch, I need to be creative, but I'm having absolutely NO inspiration. I don't know what to do about it. Normally if I start sewing something when I feel like this I stop half way through and it NEVER gets completed, so I need something that grabs me round the throat and demands my unadulterated concentration.

I've been having thoughts about either doing a waspie for some time, and I've been floored by this (but then who wouldn't), however I'm not sure I want something as outer-wear, and it would be a shame to cover something like that up. Not that I'm saying I could make something as amazing as that, but I can pretend ;o)

So what am I hoping to get from this post? Well a kick up the backside as I mentioned would be nice, possibly some ideas if anyone has something in their head that they're not going to make themselves, areas of fashion that inspire people, or just tea and sympathy if nothing else.

P.s. I have a couple of books on order that I'm hoping will inspire me.
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