ravenrigan (ravenrigan) wrote in corsetry_uk,

An interesting challenge

My partner is a cross dresser, we are both interested in corsetry, costuming et c. (we do LARP and re-enactment) and she is interested in a serious custom corset.

She has slender hips, a 32" waist, and wears breast forms, she normally wears a 34 or 36 DD. 

We are considering a custom corset for her that gives as natural a bustline as is possible to achieve, without showing the forms,  reduces her waistline nicely, and is pretty to wear over clothes, or on its own.

We were considering a victorian shape, overbust if acheivable, maybe with a sweetheart neckline.  It needs to come quite high over the breasts to support and cup the forms.

Has anyone here experience with a similar challenge, or would like to attempt it?   Approx how much would we be looking at spending?  (cost is an issue, though she hopes to get an end of year bonus soon, which she is hoping will be enough).

My email is r4venqueen at  gmail  dot com.  We are in the UK.

Currently it is beyond my skill, though I hope to be able to make corsets for both of us one day.
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