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Stitch n Bitch

Had a lovely day today with </a></b></a>queenortart .  We went down to my work ( the Community Centre in Tottenham, North London) to use the sewing room, only to find it was about to be full of happy clappys, (We rent the classrooms to Churches on a Sunday) so we used my office instead which has very large wooden furniture, inherited form the previous manager 'cos he thought a big office and big furniture made him look important.  I set my beloved 99k up on my desk, and she used my big round meeting table for drafting and cutting, </a></b></a>pengshui_master set his laptop up on my number two's desk, and geeked all afternoon, and we drafted, cut out, sewed, geeked and chatted about frocking and LARPing and re-enacting, and gossip, and gaming from 11.00 until 6.00 pm.

</a></b></a>queenortart finished drafting a corset whe is making for a friend, cut it out, and marked all the seams, and was well on the way to cutting out a mock up of a frock coat to go with it, and I very nearly finished my mockup Silverado.  We both agreed that we got tons more done than we would have done on our own, and it was great to have another knowledgeable person to bounce ideas off.

We are definitely planning to do it again, though possibly on a Saturday when we can use the actual sewing room.

We were also in agreement that more people would have been even more fun. If you are in London, and think that mutual frocking would be fun do comment!

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