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Hello, my nane is Jenny and I have a corset problem.....

I thought perhaps introductions were in order for those of you that don’t know me.
My name is Jenny and I have been interested in historical costume for a very long time, with a particular fascination with corsets. I have been wearing and making corsets for over ten years. I sew as a hobby not a business and my house appears to be being taken over by piles of fabric! I am also a goth and historical re enactor (predominantly 15th century with a bit of pirating and early medieval thrown in!). I am based in the North West, but have lived in Scotland and the South East too.
I’d love to meet up with more corset enthusiasts, and was wondering if any of you will be at the Whitby Gothic weekend and would like to meet up, perhaps for a spot of afternoon tea?
I’m sorry this sounds like a cross between an introduction for a self help group and a lonely hearts ad!
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